With the power of PDI, use one system to price every segment of your business to give you control and flexibility.

PDI Fuel Pricing B2B can help you easily handle the complexity and diversity of B2B pricing

In a volatile market, it is important to fully maximize profits while also winning more deals. It’s challenging at times to quickly and accurately manage price changes, especially with so much data and so many products. With PDI Fuel Pricing B2B, automate your B2B pricing strategies with an intelligent and dynamic pricing solution.

  • Use effective pricing strategies to maximize profits
  • Win more deals at the right price
  • Automate pricing processes
  • React instantly to changes in market conditions
  • Improve organizational transparency with confidence
  • Maintain compliance and adhere to all local regulations


Fit for a variety of customers & products

Audit, Controls & Workflow

Improve transparency & accuracy

Customer Communications

Create stronger customer relationships


Make more informed business decisions

Improve your pricing strategy with PDI Fuel Pricing B2B

PDI Fuel Pricing B2B Supports the Entire Fuel Supply Chain

Prices for a variety of fuels including diesel, gasoline, heating oil, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas.

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PDI Customer Services Online is a fully automated client portal that improves the customer experience. Enable your customers to manage all of their account details in one, secure, and easy-to-use website. This solution integrates with various ERP and logistics solution systems for a seamless experience. With a site customized to your brand and each customer’s needs, keep everyone in the loop with the power of PDI.

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Manage the Complexity of B2B Pricing

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Rack Pricing

Spot Pricing

Term Pricing

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