Consumer Engagement Solutions

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Consumer Engagement Solutions

Consumer Engagement solutions that help retailers and CPG brands learn consumer preferences, reach targeted audiences, and drive financial success.

Proven Solutions for Every Marketer

Consumer-centricity is at the core of what we do. PDI partners with CPG brands and convenience retailers to create solutions that engage shoppers and drive profitability. From loyalty programs to promotions and actionable shopper insights, our integrated solutions drive value for key stakeholders and your customers alike. Leverage PDI’s secure and scalable platform to attract new customers, increase customer engagement, and grow sales.

PDI Loyalty and Marketing

The technology and expertise to help convenience retailers and petroleum wholesales with integrated, effective loyalty programs and consumer marketing.

  • Strategy
  • Customer Experience & UX/UI Design
  • Implementation & Optimization
  • Actionable insights

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PDI Offers and Insights

Technology and expertise to help convenience retailers and CPG brands optimize loyalty programs and performance.

  • Advanced analytics cloud software
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Measurable ROI on loyalty programs & promotions
  • Access valuable data & gain actionable insights
  • Monitor offer performance to improve market presence
  • Leverage the PDI Offer Network

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Combined payments and loyalty are proven to accelerate customer participation and generate higher sales than separate programs.

Identity Management for loyalty

Keeping your loyalty customers’ data safe is a top priority. With enhanced identity management, PDI provides best-in-class data security for your loyalty customers.

Enhanced identity management delivers advanced loyalty protection measures:

  • Centralized profile management simplifies enrollment while supporting expanded programs
  • Enforced password security protects you and your customers
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) verifies each customer’s identity with every login

Expand your loyalty offerings with the assurance of identity management security.

Higher Consumer Engagement

PDI Consumer Engagement Services is a comprehensive marketing solutions platform customized to support your company’s loyalty program from planning, design, development, and execution.

PDI can set up a payment program specific to your brand, and enjoy increased loyalty payment members, which means frequent trips and greater spend.

  • Artwork and loyalty cards design
  • Mobile app support
  • CRM-based email campaigns and push notifications
  • Dedicated CE manager with enhanced service plan

Points Economy Insights

Whether you’re looking to revitalize an existing loyalty program, or build a dynamic and successful one from scratch, PDI Points Economy employs proven strategies to drive customer interest and adoption.

Points Economy provides the flexibility to craft a program suited to your customers’ preferences. Build a powerful and robust loyalty program with PDI Points Economy.

  • Branded currency model
  • Flexible reward and redemption options
  • Catalog rewards and ticket-level discounts
  • Vendor funding potential with sponsored rewards

Secure Bank Linking

While an effective private label debit program is a sure path to increased loyalty, enrolling customers remains a frustrating challenge.

PDI Private Label Debit: Bank Linking allows consumers to enroll in your program using only their bank information and get on with their day:

  • Increased loyalty and spend
  • Low friction customer acquisition
  • Bank credentials based enrollment
  • Fast and secure

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