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GasBuddy survey data and consumer trip + basket-level data come together to help you deliver what customers need now

Gain a competitive edge with on-demand insights that drive data-backed decisions to build customer loyalty and maximize profit.

Insights Cloud

PDI gives retailers and CPGs the data and insights they need to better compete and grow in the convenience retail industry. PDI Insights Cloud makes monitoring business trends, building loyalty, measuring promotions, having the right product assortment, and maximizing profits easy. Building more collaboration between retailers and CPGs using transaction, promotion, and customer data, customers can come to expect more valuable promotions that impact their wallet more effectively.

6 of the top 20

100% T-LOG Data
basket, time, customer, shipment, space, SKUs,
PLUs & tender

Over $100B
in receipt-level
transaction data

Over 5 billion

Serving 6 of the top 20 C-stores

100% T-LOG basket, time, customer, shipment, space, SKUs, PLUs, tender

Over $100B in receipt-level transaction data

Over 5 billion records

Aggregate Portal

With PDI Insights Cloud Aggregate Portal, CPGs can compare internal performance against market benchmarks from a national level, down to the local market.

Built on a database of more than 7 billion records analyzed, $100 billion in receipt-level transaction data, and 10,000+ locations, the Aggregate Portal allows CPGs to:

  • Analyze industry trends
  • Acquire a market-wide view of categories and products
  • Evaluate promotion effectiveness and inform assortment decisions
  • Identify opportunities supporting brand strategy and activation

PDI Insights Cloud Applications

Activity Measurement

Enhanced analytics to mine shopper and basket data
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Identify correlations to optimize bundles
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Measure basket value for item sales & incremental purchases bought
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Identify purchase behavior by time of day & day of week
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Report Builder

Create multi-dimensional, visual reports rapidly
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SQL Interface

Write, save & share customer SQL queries using intuitive user interface
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Jacksons improved collaboration with their suppliers and gained the insights they need to reach and engage consumers on a deeper level

The PDI Insights Cloud Difference

Using unmatched insight automation and guided analytical applications, PDI Insights Cloud gives retailers and CPGs precise, real-time, actionable insights to drive ROI and react and refine their merchandising, loyalty, and promotion strategies. Empowering convenience retailers and CPG brands to optimize promotions and store assortment by giving them rapid business intelligence guidance they need to measure and refine store level merchandising and marketing decisions. PDI Insights Cloud provides access to transaction, pricebook, and shopper data with easy integration and instant results.

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

Example Activity Measurement

Basket Insights

Grow your business with the ability to generate insights that go beyond descriptive or explanatory and help predict future behaviors.

Assortment Decisions

Make complex distribution decisions quickly based on revenue and basket value.

Promo Optimization

Optimize your loyalty and promotions strategy by leveraging enhanced analytics to mine shopper and basket data and gain actionable insights to drive measurable ROI.

Insight Automation

Turn your granular receipt-level data into intuitive insights that help you run your business more effectively.

Shopper Behavior

Use shopper behavior insights to provide the most competitive offers, promotions, bundles, products, and best customer experience.

Business Intelligence

Whether testing a new product, store layouts, promotions, or evaluating the impact of past actions to improve future decisions, learn about shoppers through more complex analytics and get the answers you need uniquely designed for you.

Offers & Rewards

Flexible promotional currencies:

  • Cents-per-gallon fuel discounts
  • Transaction value points
  • Free product & rewards clubs
  • Instant discounts & couponing

Customer Engagement

Comprehensive direct-to-consumer communication channels including:

  • In-store POS
  • Email
  • Push notifications
  • SMS

Vendor Settlement & Reporting

Financial settlement management with CPG brands and c-store customers to ensure proper and timely funding.

Post-Offer Analytics

Comprehensive post-promotion insights and analysis through dedicated dashboards.

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